About Us

Learn About Us as We Learn About You

For more than three decades, Educational Compliance Management (ECM) has been assisting post-secondary schools and colleges of all sizes by providing Financial Aid Processing, disseminating Compliance information and conducting Staff Training. ECM’s mission has always been to ensure that post-secondary schools and colleges deliver Title IV funds quickly and efficiently, while remaining fully compliant with Federal financial aid regulations.

ECM is not a giant, impersonal company. We pride ourselves on being a small, agile, family-owned business with a great reputation for our expertise, integrity, service and support on a nationwide basis. Every day, we turn on a dime to answer every question and address every concern. Over the years, we have developed longstanding relationships with our clients who understand what it means to be part of the ECM family – and how to save time and money – as ECM becomes their financial aid office.

“Essential ECM”

While the bottom line is securing your students’ Federal Title IV Financial Aid Funds, there is much more to the process and to what you receive from us. As a partner in your institution’s growth, we define our value-added differentiators as “Essential ECM,” an approach based on the following foundation:

  • Absolute dedication to compliance, service and support
  • Accessibility to senior-level staff, their knowledge and experience
  • Ongoing training, re-training and consulting
  • An “all-inclusive” approach with no hidden costs

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