Educational Compliance Management (ECM), a Federal Third-Party Servicer, is more than just a Financial Aid Processing company. We are your dedicated business partners, guiding you through federal aid programs, including Pell Grants, Student Loans and Campus-Based programs. Known for unparalleled service and support, ECM provides dependable Financial Aid Processing, timely Compliance updates and staff Training, going beyond the call to answer every question you have - quickly, competently and personally.

The challenges of maintaining a compliant financial aid office to administer Title IV are complex, costly and time-consuming. Changing federal financial aid regulations provide additional hurdles ranging from missed payments to severe non-compliance penalties. That's why post-secondary schools and colleges nationwide turn to ECM to be their Financial Aid Office.

Let us help you maintain a fully compliant Financial Aid Office that continually meets the needs of your students and administrators, while satisfying the rigorous regulations of the Department of Education. Please explore the rest of our site to learn more about ECM's Federal Financial Aid Services.

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