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Industry leading financial

aid and compliance support.


The challenges of maintaining a financial aid office are complex, costly, and time-consuming. Changing federal financial aid regulations provide hurdles ranging from missed payments to severe non-compliance penalties. That's why post-secondary institutions nationwide turn to ECM to be their financial aid office.

Educational Compliance Management (ECM) is more than just a financial aid processing company. We are a dedicated business partner, guiding you through federal aid process. Known for unparalleled service and support, ECM provides dependable processing, timely compliance updates and staff training,

Let us help you maintain a fully compliant financial aid office that continually meets the needs of your students and administrators, while satisfying the rigorous regulations of the Department of Education.

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Service Information

Financial Aid Processing

  • Keeping pace with the demands of Financial Aid Processing – and supporting management objectives – requires a system that reduces manual input, enhances accuracy, and ensures that funding is delivered as scheduled.

Financial Aid Compliance

  • Included as part of our regular service – at no extra charge – we encourage you to ask us any compliance question, no matter how insignificant it may appear to be. ECM will provide exceptional support to your financial aid staff.

Financial Aid Training

  • As part of our all-inclusive approach, we provide a comprehensive financial aid workshop at our New York office. The main focus is guiding you through our own 500+ page ECM Financial Aid Training Handbook.

Title IV

  • There are many reasons why schools may wish to offer Federal Title IV Financial Aid to their students. Most students, regardless of their family income, are eligible for Federal Student Loans.


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    Experienced Staff

  • 30+ years of Financial Aid and Compliance expertise
  • Efficient Training

  • Unlimited training and consulting included
  • Stand Apart

  • The gold standard of service and support